D'Addario EJ45C Pro Arte Composite NT Guitar Strings, Full Set
  • By: Siamak Saghafi
    as all Daddario strings they are reliable, better than composite flamenco if that is the purpose, nice tone, durable, probably the most durable strings for Spanish guitar
    the market.
  • By: James Skrydlak
    These strings provide a very nice, neutral (neither bright nor mellow) sound on my guitar (Kenny Hill Hauser '37). They have lasted for more than five-hundred hours of playing, and are probably good for several hundred hours more before I change the bass strings; it's nice, of course, that D'Addario makes sets of bass string available. I don't hear any difference in tone between picking at the bottom of the sound hole and picking at the top; if I did, I would be giving these strings five stars.
  • By: Derry Mount
    I have tried many a string over the years on my four classicals and now use the EJ45C on all them. Two are concert level GV Rubios and two are student level. Great balanced, long lasting, volumne and great sound when in the 7th and higher.
  • By: Abraham Romo
    I use these strings on my flamenco guitar and they are the best! Very bright and responsive sound, specially the G composite. In other sets the nylon G sounds either flat or goes flat very quick, but not the composite in this set. I highly recommend them.