D'Addario EJ45FF Pro Arte Carbon NT Classical Guitar Strings, Full Set
  • By: Asle Benoni
    I don't know why these did not work for me. Expensive strings so high expectations I guess. But just sounded only very normal on my Taurus 53.
  • By: Laurence Mardon
    This would have been a 5-star review if I'd just been reviewing the very beautiful trebles. They are warmer & more 'natural'-sounding than Alliances (perhaps not quite as loud), but not as warm as Goldin carbon trebles. As another reviewer mentioned, tho, the high-tension trebles feel really, really hard ... even if you like hi-tension trebles normally, I'd suggest ordering the Normal tensions for a first try. Great intonation!

    The basses? Hmmm ... not really my cup of tea. An oddly slow attack (which pairs awkwardly with the fast-attack trebles), & I personally find the tone (very homogenous in terms of overtones) just kind of boring. Strings can sound totally different on different guitars tho, so good luck.

    The trebles should be sold separately !!!!!!!!!
  • By: Darren O'Neill
    D'Addario is a latecomer to the carbon treble party. In my opinion, it was well worth the wait. Although these trebles have the same feel and density as their competitors, they are much warmer and do not suffer the same, intonation problems; octaves at the 10th fret and beyond sound perfectly in tune. As for the Dynacore basses: I'm a die-hard fan of the traditional, Pro Arte basses. It would be nice if D'Addario eventually sold these trebles individually and/or in a trio without being attached to a specific set (much like the Titanium trebles). Take note that the EJ45FF has a total set tension of 94.55 lbs; Savarez 500AR has a total set tension of 90.23 lbs. Consequently, I would consider the D'Addario set to be rather stiff, by comparison. A comparison of the high tension sets between the competitors (D'Addartio EJ46FF vs. Savarez 500AJ) is 102.63 lbs and 97.08l bs, respectively. To sweeten the deal, D'Addario being a domestic brand, the prices for the sets are lower also.
  • By: Norman Spencer
    Wake up your guitar! Bright clear trebles and powerful bases make my inexpensive solid cedar topped guitar sound verrry expensive. Definitely worth a try. I have used quite a variety of string from different makers, but none has impressed me like the Pro Arte Carbons. My family notice the difference immediately, without any prompting.