D'Addario EJ46TT Dynacore HT Classical Guitar Strings, Full Set


By: Darren O'Neill Date Added: 02/25/2012
Although the packaging doesn’t clearly state it, I am certain that the bass sets for the new Dynacore series are the same strings used in the Composite series; the diameters and tensions are identical. The trebles are clearly labeled as being from their Titanium series. In which case, save yourself a bit of money and purchase a set of Normal Tension Titanium Trebles (T45 - $2.95) and a set of Normal Tension Composite Basses (EJ45C - $6.15) for a grand total of $9.10. The Normal Tension Dynacore Set (EJ45TT) sells for $10.99 here at SBM. You’ll save $1.89 per set.