D'Addario EJ46TT Dynacore HT Classical Guitar Strings, Full Set


By: Matthew Van Dongen Date Added: 08/20/2013
These strings are most definitely NOT the EJ46C basses with titanium trebles; these basses seems to be like D'addario's version of a Savarez corum-style bass string. The strings are perfectly round, and intonate perfectly up and down the neck. The basses aren't as stiff as the EJ46C basses, nor even as stiff as the EJ46 set. The titanium trebles significantly enhance the projection of the treble strings, and create a more even response along the entire guitar, somewhat a similar to the sonic balance of a savarez matched set. The titanium trebles feature a bit a more elasticity than their corresponding nylon counterpoints; for this reason, as well as the lack of d'addario's trademark stiffness in the bass strings, I use the hard tension set, where I previously used normal tension nylon and carbon string sets. The result is louder than an EJ45 set; a bit quieter than an EJ46 set, but not nearly as strenuous for the left hand; and similar volume to a savarez normal tension alliance set, but with a fuller, thicker sound. You get the same diameters, and the tension applied to your guitar is the same as any corresponding EXP or Composite series set, but with a brighter, and more balanced character. The longevity of the strings is phenomenal; once the strings are on for two weeks or so, the sound still contains a bright character, and the squeak is nearly non-existent. These strings represent a true innovation in contemporary guitar sound, due to the proprietary bass strings made to balance with their existing titanium trebles.