D'Addario EXP Coated Phosphor Bronze Acoustic Guitar EXP16 Light 12-53
  • By: Marc Scordato
    I've been using Elixirs for the last 3 years. I thought I would give the NY Steel Daddario's a try once again. These are good natural sounding strings that I would recommend but in the end I prefer the sound and feel of the Elixirs.I change Elixirs yearly but the new ones sound the same so I've never actually worn out these strings. So in the end I DO like the Daddario's very much but still prefer the Elixirs.
  • By: Marc Scordato
    If you want to know what your guitar actually sounds like you cant beat D'Addario strings. Other strings may brighten the sound of your guitar some will warm the sound of your guitar. These strings sound very natural. The new and improved coating on these strings feel and sound just like uncoated strings.
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