D'Addario EXP45 Coated NT Classical Guitar Strings, Full Set
  • By: Eduardo Valdes-Vivas
    The sound is well balanced for recordings and playing with amplification. They also last a good while.
  • By: Spyros Gounaropoulos
    Incredible set for flamenco. Not very crisp, but loud enough for rasgueados. Long lasting basses and nice projecting trebles. Not very ringing, not dull either. Perfect combination. I think this set is much better than plains EJ45 Pro Arte.
  • By: Roberto Capocchi
    The basses DO last a long time, and sound very good on my guitar. Intonation is excellent.
  • By: Brian Cullen
    I found the treble strings incredibly dull in timbre. The basses were robust but seemed to highlight the lifelessness of the trebles. The trebles took a month to wear in and by that stage everything was working better, I don't like waiting a month for results however. I think the EJ46 composites (using the composite G string) was much better as a set, not as loud but more balanced across the set and a far more intriguing sound to listen to.
  • By: Bo Hwan Wang
    I was very impressed with the bass strings. if you want bass strings that last long and sound great, EXP strings are for you.
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