D'Addario Flat Tops Acoustic Guitar Strings EFT13 Resophonic Med 16-56


By: Ian Brown Date Added: 04/28/2016
I have been using the round wound version of these strings (EJ42) for a long time, rating them better than other brand equivalents. I had always wanted to try these flat wound versions but at almost twice the price of the EJ42s I held off buying for a long time. Now I have finally tried a set and have to say that I am somewhat disappointed. Yes, they are less noisy for slide playing(especially if using a metal slide), as you would expect being flat wound, but I find them quite dull in tone compared to the EJ42s and the intonation on the lower thicker strings is noticeably less accurate. I have only tried them on one instrument so far, perhaps I should take them off and try them on another to see if my findings are replicated.
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