D'Addario Humidity and Temperature Sensor


By: Yannaki Arrizza Date Added: 03/12/2013

I recently purchased this Planet Waves humidity & temperature sensor for use in my studio and within my guitar case to protect my guitars from the extremes that may compromise their structural integrity (ie: cracking or shrinking of wood due to dryness and other damage)

Needless to say, I was left disappointed in this particular item. I have tested it under certain conditions to assess its effectiveness and accuracy in reading temperature & humidity levels...Including placing it inside my Humicase Protege guitar case (with humidity pods activated) - and compared it side by side with an analog thermometer and humidity reader -

The Planet Waves sensor gives erratic and weird readings....which do not agree at all with the analog readings - (they contradict) - at best, the Planet Waves sensor is at least several degrees off (by as much as 8 degrees) - and the humidity readings are all over the place - So I put it to the test, placing it in my Humicase Protege guitar case...and left it in there for 3-4 hours - as well as placing the analog reader in there - The result after opening my case was:

- The analog reader detected a temperature of 72-73 degrees F. with around 58-60% humidity (within safe limits) --- while the Planet Waves reader, was displaying 78 degrees F. and a humidity level of 38-35%, sometimes jumping to 43% and back down - Which HAS to be an erroneous reading - (my guitar case has the humipods activated and working) - I also tested the ambient room temperature and humidity....readings again were way off -

Overall, I am disappointed with this product (considering it is a "Planet Waves" product, is quite bad) - I've also read reviews from others whom have said it is a horrible product and after trying it out myself, I guess I would have to agree - Please, Save your money for something that actually works - AVOID THIS ONE! -

(note: there are other hygrometers on the market that also include the features this one has, and more)
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