D'Addario NYXL0980 Nickel Wound Electric 8-String Super Light 9-80
  • By: Dante Morris
    The strings are fine but are getting a single star purely because they're stated to be optimised for a guitar with a 30 inch scale length yet the 0.080/F# string isn't long enough (more specifically is unwound too much.) I've strung it onto my 30 inch scale guitar and the part that's unwound to allow it to be strung that's usually just above the saddle, actually goes about a quarter down into the 2nd fret. This turns the 1st fret into a buzzy mess.

    It's possible I just got unlucky and any other set would have an 0.080 unwound in the right spot, but it's really not the sort of thing you can be bothered with if you're already playing an instrument that's incredibly difficult to get the right strings for.
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