D'Addario O-Port Small, Black PW-OPBKS


By: Sheldon Imperio Date Added: 01/18/2012
I was convinced by the countless good reviews of this product. I thought if it did what it was supposed to, it would be well worth the money. I have extensively and repeatedly tried playing with and without the o-port and here are my observations:

I tried the o-port on my first, cheap classical guitar and I did countless tests by putting the o-port on, then removing it by just pushing it back into the sound hole so I wouldn't have to keep loosening the strings and lose a lot of time between removing and putting the o-port back. I couldn't hear much difference, and if anything the o-port seemed to muffle, inhibit, and silence the sound a bit. I wasn't sure so I called someone in my house to do a "blindfold" test where I play for them with and without the o-port, without giving them any hint as to what kind of test I was doing. I asked the person if they notice any difference in sound, and which one sounds better. After repeated tests, the person could unmistakably say that the guitar sounded louder and fuller WITHOUT the o-port.

I also tried the o-port on my main classical guitar. The difference was even more remarkable, but for the worst. I love my guitar for its really deep low end, but the o-port completely muffled and took away the deep bass sound that I like. I didn't bother to do more tests and immediately removed the o-port.

I had a bias to think this product will really improve the sound of my guitars, but I am absolutely convinced that it does not improve the sound at all unless you like a less fuller sound with less volume. I am just confused as to why there are so many good reviews online about this product, but perhaps they were deceived psychologically into thinking that their guitar sounded better. Now the o-port just sits in a drawer, never to be used again.

I am writing this review not to vent, but to report my honest observations so that others will be able to save some time and money. Don't be fooled by the great reviews on the internet. Though everyone has freedom of choice, and if you are still not convinced, you can dash out your 22 dollars and see for yourself. If you however observe the same as I do, then I encourage you to write your own review so that another person won't end up wasting their money.