D'Addario T45 Titanium NT Classical Guitar Strings TNN-3T, Treble Set
  • By: Roberto Capocchi
    They stabilize quickly if you ever need to change string with little time before a gig. Great intonation, the same feeling of the ProArte trebles, but a little brighter.
  • By: Hayes Masucci
    These treble strings are great. I have mixed them with the La Bella Argento bass set and I have finally found my perfect set up. These treble strings do increase projection, but what's more, they increase clarity especially in the third string (I am not overly concerned with projection). I would recommend these strings for all rosewood types of guitars, but if you play maple or other "different" types of classical guitars, you may still want to experiment. I am a huge fan of the Mexican rosewood guitars (Camatillo, Palo Escrito, Cocobolo)and these sound great for those, and I assume they would sound great on Indian as well due to the mellower, more dense sonic atributes you get from Indian. They sound great on Rodriguez or Reyes body styles (because of the larger body sizes, these strings do increase clarity). A great counterpart to the Argento basses - rich basses with very string fundamental attributes mixed with very clear trebles.
  • By: Victor Tarassov
    Great strings with a very smooth feel, they are a bit brighter than the EJ45C trebles however on my flamenco blanca and negra they sound fantastic and project a very good consist tone. I have found that they are a bit more sensitive to temp changes than the EJ45C set and can come out of tune if your near a heater duct or lights that get hot. I think they feel very smooth on the fingers and like the feel.
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