D'Addario T46 Titanium HT Classical Guitar Strings TNH-3T, Treble Set
  • By: Sheldon Imperio
    Sound excellent when you put them on. Bright and great volume which is what I wanted. Unfortunately, the brightness and projection that you love will go away after just a few days and will sound more dead like any other old string. I later found out that others said the same thing about these and other titanium strings so I personally will not bother with titanium strings anymore. Even though these strings are inexpensive, they do not make up for their disappointing life span.
  • By: glen eckhart
    I save a set of these strings when I try another set of trebles. I like the thickness of them and changed back to them a lot by thickness alone. They have a warm mellow tone and may not be as responsive as carbon strings, but for me I don't like the feel of thin carbon trebles. They also last a long time and I can leave them on and just change the basses. I like to experiment alot but I always seem to come back to the Titanium trebles.
  • By: Marc Scordato
    If you love the feel and sound of traditional Nylon but desire greater volume and sustain Titanium trebles are a superb choice. I paired this with Pro Artie composites. Why Daddario dose not sell them together as a set is beyond me. Thanks to Strings by Mail it's easy to order a set. Love these strings.
  • By: Steven Davino
    A really nice string. Great tone and projection, though a bit too smooth and glossy a feel for my tastes. Still, I really like their round, full tone and responsiveness, and I may try to "get used to" that ultra smooth feel. A note here about the listed tensions: these are listed as hard tension, but in reality they are medium or medium/hi tension when compared to most high tension strings. I've used both the hard and extra hard which feel more like high tension to me, but I like the tone of the T46 set better. Also, D'Addario's diameter measurements differ from those supplied by SBM, and the SBM measures ARE the correct ones. Definitely worth a try, especially at this price point.
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