D'Addario T46 Titanium HT Classical Guitar Strings TNH-3T, Treble Set


By: Steven Davino Date Added: 04/16/2011
A really nice string. Great tone and projection, though a bit too smooth and glossy a feel for my tastes. Still, I really like their round, full tone and responsiveness, and I may try to "get used to" that ultra smooth feel. A note here about the listed tensions: these are listed as hard tension, but in reality they are medium or medium/hi tension when compared to most high tension strings. I've used both the hard and extra hard which feel more like high tension to me, but I like the tone of the T46 set better. Also, D'Addario's diameter measurements differ from those supplied by SBM, and the SBM measures ARE the correct ones. Definitely worth a try, especially at this price point.