Dean Markley SR2000 Med-Light 2689 4-String Bass (46-102)
  • By: Zechariah Frink
    Well to start off I have been using these strings for years and have tried most bass strings available on the market. I CANNOT use anything else. I was using the mediums on my four string basses , but they were too heavy and stiff to accomplish the more complex slap and thumb pattern I play. the lights were just too thin sounding. These are the PERFECT medium. They have great tone to fill out a phat groove, but when it comes time to solo they don't' feel to sluggish. SR2000s have amazing sustain, clarity, and the most full range sound I have ever heard out of a bass string. Because of they're lower tension, you have less pull on your neck so you can actually drop your action lower if you want. The taper winding help with the saddles too. Also they feel like a Nickel string, but they are a steel string. I have always hated the feel of other steel strings. Just too rough and grabby for me. To get that smoother nickel feel out of steel is truly amazing. I use these on an Ibanez SR500, and a passive Fender fretless Jazz with a custom Warmoth neck, and Bartolini pickups. If you are looking for a great balanced and go anywhere string, THESE ARE FOR YOU. I will say that more people NEED to be pushing these because I have NEVER seen these in ANY music store in the country I have been into. Including Guitar Centers. That is a shame my friends. Check these out. You will NOT be disappointed. Peace... -Zechariah
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