Dean Markley SR2000 Medium 2699 6-String Bass (35-128)
  • By: Zechariah Frink
    These strings are the only choice for me. I have tried many other strings on the market such as: Rotosound, Daddario, Elixer, Cleartone, Ken Smith, GHS, Ernie Ball, and DR, to name a few! NONE match the feel, tone, sutain, and longevity of these. They bring out the best of every instrument I've used them on. I play a lot of styles of music such as: Jazz, R&B, Gospel, Reggae, Funk, Latin, New Age, Middle Eastern, and rock to again name a few! Some strings are made for one sound and style. These can be used on ANY genre and fit in. They respond quicker and and the tone really can be altered depending on your personal touch, and tone settings. Everything from finger, slap, tapping, harmonics, and chords sound more full than ever. They have a looser tension which keeps the neck more relieved and you can actually lower your action more since the string doesn't pull so hard on the neck like most other bass strings. I had used a gauge of these on my six string bass that had a 27 for a C. I felt that was too light. I needed something heavier than a 30 and was very pleased that this set has a 35. This C is doesn't get brittle sounding with more high end which I use in my tone sometimes. The B is the deepest, and most articulate I have used. You do have to stretch it more and carefully bend in into place, but that is no big deal. I use this particular set on an Aria Pro active six string. I use Mark Bass amplifiers, and Alesis compressors. I also use the medium SR2000s on an active Ibanez SR500 four string, and a modified, Fender fretless Jazz (four). I find that this string gets very little attention if any beyond the professional world. This was the ONLY place that had this gauge for sale. You can have the greatest construction, woods, and circuits but without strings, it's all for nothing! This is a string for a discerning musician that wants the absolute best of their instrument, sound, and craft. Thank you Strings By Mail for helping me get my sound and being here!!!

    Keep the notes low and the groove high. Peace...
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