Dogal Diamante Classical Guitar Strings Extra Strong NR127D, Full Set


By: Richard Robeson Date Added: 05/01/2013
This is a rare example of everything the manufacturer says being true: powerful, complex sound ("rich overtones and a strong fundamental") and outstanding sustain, that respond equally well across my guitars' full dynamic and tonal spectrum, whether the style is aggressive, flamenco-inspired figures, chunky jazz voicings or Towneresque techniques with extended chord-melody interactions built around one or more open strings. The maker is also correct about the exceptionally quick setup time. Even in the perpetually humid environment my guitars live in, the strings stabilize within a couple of hours rather than days (or weeks).
As a longtime SBM customer, I'm very glad that these strings are available here. Nothing else I've ever used -- which includes just about every brand out there -- even comes close.
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