Dogal Diamante Classical Guitar Strings Regular NR127B, Full Set
  • By: Alan Emerson
    These strings drive me crazy. In particular, the G string does not stay in tune, and it has serious intonation problems, to the point where it makes this set unplayable. I will never buy these strings again. The basses sound fine in general but the trebles are nothing special.
  • By: stefano Romeo
    Best quality guitar strings I ever tried.
    Despite the price, the quality of bass strings is incredible bright and very responsive.
    I absolute reccomend it.
    they last 2 weeks when hard studying.
  • By: James Friedman
    A lovely set of strings possessing a sweet tonal quality and evenness of volume from basses to trebles. I'm especially pleased with the increased longevity of these strings which helps offset the higher cost.
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