Dogal Diamante Classical Guitar Strings Strong NR127C, Full Set


By: Bill Gross Date Added: 01/24/2013
"Harmonically rich" is an apt description for these strings. These were recommended by the sales staff at Strings By Mail when I requested something different, something to add a little sparkle.
The Diamantes impart a lot of color and a quality of modernity. The guitar I most often test strings on is a Ramirez R4 because of its straightforward nature and good fundamental tone. Dogal Diamantes gave the R4 some wonderfully complex overtones across the board. It is like hearing a prism of sound. Trebles are light and crisp, and the basses are colorful rather than dark. Though they have plenty of presence, these strings don’t make their point with forwardness but instead with effervescence. They add a lot of life.
For high tension strings these are a very easy to play. The intermediate student who wants to experiment with new strings and tensions will experience less fatigue than with traditional high tension sets. Pieces like "Lagrima" or "Spanish Romance" would be just a bit easier to get around on. At least that was my experience.
What your money is buying is a unique sound with pizzazz. To move up a class you’d have to lay down about $20 more and these strings might still come out ahead on their personality.
Great feel, less fatiguing and charming sound.
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