DR Strings RCA-11 SUNBEAM Round Core Acoustic Guitar Custom-Lt 11-50
  • By: Lawrence Heagle
    I have been an acoustic guitar player for over 30 years. During all that time, my favorite strings were D'Addario light gauge phosphor bronze, but recently I put a set of DR RCA-11 Sunbeams on my Alvarez D-80 and it was a "jaw-dropping" experience. Since then, I have ordered multiple sets through Strings By Mail for my Martin D-18VS, my Martin 000-28V,and my oldest and most beat up Gibson J-45.

    I have never had a set of strings that continue to carry their sustain and once stretched properly, stay in tune as well as the DR's. I am definitely a believer . . . in both DR RCA Sunbeams and in Strings by Mail.