Dunlop Billy Gibbons Rev. Willy Electric Strings Super Fine 7-38
  • By: Rodrigo Dias
    These are the lightest strings I could find, so I became curious about it. I'm used to 008 gauge, but I've used 010 and 009 for a long time. The 007 is really thin, but since it'll hold much less tension, you can bend like crazy on it without fear of breakage. This set is actually hybrid, because the bottom strings are (almost) the same of the 008 set. I particularly love the 020 for the D, it allows easy vibratos.

    Since the touch is very light, you must have a refined technique in order to play properly with these strings, because they respond instantly to every nuance of playing. And since there's less tension, they have a wider vibration wave, so you'll want to raise your action just a little bit to avoid buzzing. A rigid pick works best too.

    A great advantage of such a light set is that you can play for extended periods of time without getting your hands tired, this is important to people who play long rehearsals or gigs. It's really comfortable to play for hours and hours.

    Sound wise, these strings sound pretty much like the 008 gauge, apart from some slightly pronounced presence, just a little bit. Maybe this is the "Texas tone"? They don't sound thin or weak at all.

    Overall, it's really fun to play with such light strings. You can bend all the time without getting tired. I recommend them only if you're used to 008 gauge, otherwise the shift may feel too radical for your hands.

    Kudos to Rev. Billy F. Gibbons.
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