EFEL guitar support, advanced


By: Mark Bondonese Date Added: 03/06/2013
This is my first guitar support and I am extremely pleased with it. The instructions that come with it are very limited so it took a bit of trial and error to place and use properly.

On the guitar's raw finish (french polish) the suction cup did not work well. I applied a Kling-on suction cup protection sheet to the guitar where I attach the support to the guitar and now the single large suction cup holds the support in place without any issues whatsoever. I can leave the support on for the entire day without a single failure. I have had no need to use the accessory belt.

The support can be taken on and off very easily. I simply remove the whole thing when putting it in the case.

I do use the extension part that comes with the advanced kit. The extension part is slotted and seems to allow the guitar to slide along the slot into a natural position.

I love playing the guitar without a footstool. I feel like I have a better and more consistent neck angle. I also feel like my breathing is much more natural and relaxed with both feet on the floor.
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