EFEL guitar support, basic
  • By: Pak Haup Ng
    It's incredibly compact and easy to use. The suction cup is strong and although there is only one, gives me the confidence that it will not detach until I want to remove it. I won't have to look further for a better model, I have found what I need.
  • By: Sam Myers
    Inexpensive, simple, easy to use. Puts my guitar exactly where I want it. Only drawback is that I regret not having purchased one sooner.
  • By: mark snelgrove
    Wow! What a nice support. Immediately played more comfortably with both feet on the floor and my torso aligned properly. Highly recommended. Also purchased the Gitano for it's portability (it folds flat and takes up little room in the case). Also would highly recommend that one as well. I may even buy multiples of each as I have several guitars usually in different tunings and I may slap one on each!
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