Elixir 12050 Polyweb Coated Electric Guitar Strings 10-46


By: Ian Hodges Date Added: 08/31/2016
I used these strings on a few electric guitars. The polyweb set really does last a long long time with no change in tone BUT the tone is not as bright to begin with as conventional electric strings. They sound like conventional strings that have been played for a few hours and have lost that initial brightness. If you like that sound, these strings will work well. Or if you are one of the unfortunates with "acidic hands" or whatever condition it is that "kills" strings within an hour of playing, these strings will make your life much better. I do not have this particular curse, and I really love the snap and brightness of new conventional strings, so I do not use these polyweb strings for gigs or recording. If there is a long period where a guitar will not be used for gigs or recording, these strings are a great choice for practicing at home or rehearsals. They do not go dead, even after many hours of playing. The coating does not change the feel of the string much. I have heard complaints of the coating unravelling, but I have never seen this on my guitars. That probably happens as a result of Pick scrapes, or the use of metal guitar picks or picks with a sharp edge.
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