ErgoPlay Tappert Guitar Support
  • By: Alan Emerson
    I am very happy with this guitar support. It is very intelligently designed and simple to use. The amount of adjustment available is terrific. It allows you to vary the height as well as the angle of inclination towards the player. The suction cups are also very grippy and if positioned correctly within their adjustment range, they stay put. The knee rest material is also appropriately grippy, even staying fairly stable on my bare leg, as I always play naked, especially when I play in public. I will never use a stupid stinking foot rest ever again! Yea!
  • By: Bonita Majonis
    I do want to say that this guitar support is worlds' apart from the other company's model that I returned. It is very well designed, well-made, sturdy, and functions the way it should. Even the box was well designed, reminiscent of Apple boxes.

    It arrived in Canada through our postal service, even though it was in a FedEx package (?) with no duty owing, so shipping was seamless.

    One thought--if you are of small stature (I am just over 5 feet tall), you might do well to get the child's model. This adult model works for me, but I had to adjust it to practically its lowest height.

    Thank you Matt for your advice and support.
  • By: Warakorn S Copley
    This is OK and I hope it work well too.
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