Galli Genius Carbonio GR90 HT Classical Guitar Strings, Full Set


By: Alan Emerson Date Added: 09/02/2016
These have fast found a place among my few favorite sets of strings. The trebles are very strong and true sounding. The intonation is very dependable and they generally stay in tune very well after a couple of days. In contrast to nylon trebles, the transition between basses to trebles is seamless, with the G string being focused and with good projection. Overall, the set is very well balanced, although I have experimented with different basses on top of these carbon trebles, with good results, LaBella 2001 Hard Basses seem to be a good compliment. But really, these basses are more than adequate and the set can really stand on it's own. They are a good balance between stiff and flexible. Finally, the price makes this set one of the very best values out there. You could spent 3-4 times as much and not really step up much farther in quality. If you change strings fairly often, this set could last you at least a month of solid playing.
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