Galli Genius Carbonio GR95 NT Classical Guitar Strings, Full Set


By: Michael Stilwell Date Added: 01/01/2016
I absolutely love these strings. The basses have a lovely, focused, warm tone and are more flexible than many other brands (I don't like stiff bass strings). The trebles (G and B) have a well focused singing tone with gorgeous overtones and great sustain. The 1st string, however, is unusable for me and I replace it with a regular nylon treble. The E string is very thin with a high tension and tends to damage my nails. Also, the sound is thin and has poor sustain. Lately I've also been noticing some problems with string quality. In the past 6 sets I've had two D strings break on me as I was putting them on. The consistency in intonation for the B string is also not great. I just changed my strings and the B string I was taking off was a bit sharp at the 12th fret. The one I just put on is so flat at the 12th fret I'm going to have to replace it. If it weren't for these issues, and even considering I don't use the 1st string, I would have given the set 5 stars.
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