GHS 2390 Smoothwound NT Classical Guitar Strings, Full Set


By: Derek Riddle Date Added: 07/04/2015
After comparing different Bass strings, I decided that I like the GHS strings for their clarity of sound. Other strings seem to sound muddy compared to the GHS strings and these rollerwound strings have less string squeak compared to a regular roundwound. They are not flat and smooth like polished strings but polished strings sound flat and dull while these rollerwound strings don't sound flat to me at all. I tried the whole set and the clear nylon treble strings are probably as good as any, but I prefer the sound of rectified nylon B&E and am now using the GHS wound G string. I suggest trying these GHS smoothwound or their regular roundwounds if you want a clean and clear sound from your bass strings, and if you find yourself debating between which tension to get, I suggest going with the lighter tension you're considering because these strings are on the stiff side and could be the reason they produce such a clean sound.
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