GHS MA2390 Muriel Anderson Signature Series Guitar Strings, Full Set
  • By: Steve Gonczi
    I was unimpressed. Maybe tone-wise they were OK, but were not as nearly as good intonation-wise as the carbons I tend to play.
    (Hense, and Galli Carbonios, they tend to intone better for me all over the fingerboard. Yes, carbons are a bit brighter but
    for me it is all about the intonation. Caveat: I used normal tension, so YMMV.
  • By: Richard Cox
    These are excellent strings. All 6 strings are exceptionally well balanced in tone and volume. Intonation is superb throughout the fingerboard and the treble strings are wonderfully resonate. You will love this product!
  • By: Marc Scordato
    I've tried carbon fiber strings but I found them to be overly bright and hard to the touch. Titanium trebles have the volume and sustain of carbon fiber strings yet retain the feel and tone of nylon. These strings are one third the price of some others I've tried but I've yet to find another set of strings I like as much as these. A word of caution : these are NOT ball end strings. The nub on the tip of the treble strings is a unique feature that keeps the string from unwinding.