GHS Set 2150W Clear Nylon Treb, Silver Bass HT Guitar Strings
[Set 2150W]
  • By: Luigi Gomes Brandão
    Though I haven't bought these strings here on Sbm, I've just grabbed a set at a local store as an emergency replacement, and well... My advice is to not buy these strings even if you have none at all. Turning your guitar into a percussive instrument while you look for worthwhile strings is honestly a better option. The bass string are actually passable... A little snappy but they sound very full and are satisfyingly tense. The trebles, however, are a shame to the string making industry. Even a deaf person could tell they suck as their vibration pattern is all erratic and wobbly, most unlike the smooth circular vibration of good string like La Bella. In fact I had an old La Bella treble set on my guitar and even though they were quite beaten up I instantly went back to them because these trembles are absolutely unmusical and disappointing. As for electric guitar strings ghs is quite ok so it's rather surprising that they would dare sell such a poor product. I know I sound a little grumpy but it is but my honest and heartfelt desire as a fellow musician to prevent anyone from going through the experience of acquiring these. Don't buy these strings. Ever. That is all.
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