Gitano Guitar Support
  • By: Michael Wang
    I have been playing classical for almost 30 years, which means I am not as young as I was when I started and after playing for for a while, I feel that my back aches (especially near my left waist). So I asked a professional classical guitarist, Mr. Meng-Feng Su, who earned a post-graduate level pefrormance degree from France. Mr. Su suggested me to try GITANO. I just tried it for 30 minutes. At first, I put it in a too low position, and it did not help much. But then I adjusted it to a more proper height, and immediately I feel the pressure on my back and waist is relieved.

    Someone mentioned the instruction is poorly printed, and it is definitely true.I even found a typo on the very frist line ("... and invent", which should be "... and invert"). But it's installation is very easy and the not-so-well-printed instruction is not a big problem (if that can be improved, it will help).So I still give it a 5-star rating.
  • By: Bonita Majonis
    This review is based on the presentation and quality of the product. I have not yet tried to put it on my guitar and may not at all.

    The workmanship is frankly shoddy. I worked as a quality specialist before I retired and am appalled that this device ever passed quality control in the company. It looks like it was put together in someone's garage on the weekend. The fabric strap is flimsy and looks like some leftover from somewhere. It is not put on properly, just a plain piece of tape is used on one end to hold it. Some the workmanship on the metal part is rough and uneven. The instructions look like they were typed on a manual typewriter.

    So, I have a lovely classic and will not deface it by using something so poorly made with it. I'll stick with my Dynarette for now. I will try and return the Gitano to SBM. (edit: We always accept returns like this, no questions asked - SBM)
    Folds down and fits right into the case. I have had mine attached to my guitar for over two years. I really like the convenience of it. No carrying around a foot stool or other equipment while keeping your back straight and both feet on the ground.

    The only complaint that I have is the strap is held on by a cheap piece of tape which could very easily be ripped off if you aren't careful with it. I wish they would find another way. But, mine is still going strong and I'm glad I bought it. I've also heard that certain finishes of guitars can't handle suction cups. Make sure yours isn't one of them.
  • By: Bonnie Stenstrom
    My luthier had a concern about the pressure produced by the Gitano on the side of the guitar and so built a small horizontal bar that attaches with either glue or carpet underlay to the Gitano itself and because it (the bar) extends to the edges of the guitar side,it distributes the pressure more evenly. It's been very successful to date. If the Gitano itself comes off, I've found that a wipe of vinegar on the plastic square attached to my guitar, prior to re-attaching the Gitano works great. The bar has come off a couple of times, so I'm still working on that.
  • By: Richard Lowe
    I've been using this product for a couple of weeks now and it's really saved a lot of grief to my lower back. It's also very convenient as it folds neatly and fits inside my case while still attached to the guitar.

    I wonder about how sturdy/ durable this support may be after months of use, but I feel that I've received plenty of value for the money invested.
  • By: Jeff Winkler
    Reliable, comfortable. An added advantage - I can leave it on my guitar, even in the case.
  • By: Glenn Patterson
    I have a bad back, and this support has been a lifesaver. I have three guitars and the suction cups have had no damaging effect. I tried another brand once and the rubber reacted with the lacquer on one of my guitars. Don't use this on french polish unless you use a plastic shield (sold separately) under it.
    *SBM Note: The Gitano ships with an adhesive suction cup protector, which may not be suitable for some guitars.
  • By: Joy Pollard
    Although this item works well and is comfortable to use, you have to be careful that the rubber blocks do not come off and damage the guitar. I need to have extra rubber blocks for the ones that have come off.

    (SBM notes: The two rubber blocks are glued on from the factory and have been a problem on only a few supports)
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