Gitano Guitar Support


By: Bonita Majonis Date Added: 05/07/2014
This review is based on the presentation and quality of the product. I have not yet tried to put it on my guitar and may not at all.

The workmanship is frankly shoddy. I worked as a quality specialist before I retired and am appalled that this device ever passed quality control in the company. It looks like it was put together in someone's garage on the weekend. The fabric strap is flimsy and looks like some leftover from somewhere. It is not put on properly, just a plain piece of tape is used on one end to hold it. Some the workmanship on the metal part is rough and uneven. The instructions look like they were typed on a manual typewriter.

So, I have a lovely classic and will not deface it by using something so poorly made with it. I'll stick with my Dynarette for now. I will try and return the Gitano to SBM. (edit: We always accept returns like this, no questions asked - SBM)