Hannabach EXCLUSIVE Silver MT Classical Guitar Strings, Full Set


By: Alan Emerson Date Added: 01/02/2016
These strings are no doubt, some of the most expensive out there, but are they worth it? In my opinion, yes, but not entirely. The basses are very stiff and have some mass to them, which results in a pure, strong tone with plenty of sustain. The trebles are of similar quality with a sweet clear brilliance. My only quibble is with the g string which is a titanium type, which I assume is intended to smooth the transition between the metal wound strings and the nylon b and e strings. I noticed that I had particular trouble getting the g string to stay in tune, much more so than the other strings, and the intonation seemed to also be off, always noticeably sharp as you go up the neck. The longevity of these strings also justify the price. I had them on my main guitar for almost 3 months with an average of two hours per day playing time, every day, and they sounded good up until I just changed them out.