Hannabach Goldin 725 MHT Classical Guitar Strings, Full Set


By: Alan Emerson Date Added: 06/03/2015
After reading so many glowing online reviews about these strings, I had to try them. I put them on a new instrument I was demoing, a Yamaha NCX2000R. The first thing I noticed was the appearance of the strings, which is unique, goldish basses and clear goldish trebles. The sound of these strings is unique and unlike any other strings I have tried. The sound is remarkably balanced across all strings, with very little noticeable transition between basses and carbon trebles. The sound of the basses is somewhat subdued, more of a dark sound to my ears, without the punchiness that I prefer. The best summation I can offer as to overall sound quality is that the timbre falls somewhere between steel strings and nylon strings. The tension of these strings is comparable to extra high tension strings by any other manufacturer. Granted, Hannabach strings tend to run this way in all their lines but this set approached 100lbs total tension! Since SBM does not yet have the tension spec listed, this is from the back of the package for string dia. in inches and tension in lbs: E6 (0.043, 16.54), A5 (0.035, 17.20), D4 (0.029, 17.64), G3 (0.034, 14.99), B2 (0.028, 14.99), E1 (0.024, 17.64). One glaring flaw that I find in the set is on the E1 sting, which is thin sounding due to it's low mass. It is extremely difficult to get good slurs off this string, which is a major drawback for me. I had been trying to decide if I like these strings or not for more than a week and finally came to the conclusion that even though they have a unique sound, they are not my sound. I'm glad I tried them though just to satisfy my curiosity. If you are curious and on the fence about trying these strings though, I would encourage you to do so, just for the sake for knowing for yourself. I satisfied my curiosity, and I'm glad they are not my new favorite string, considering the price. If the quality equaled the price however, I would have no remorse in adopting them.