Hannabach Precision Smooth Polished 8507HT Guitar Strings, Bass Set
[850 HT 3er D,A,E]
  • By: Marcel Rawady
    These are terrible strings. They appear to have been chemically polished and the resulting string has the exact feel and sound as a set of well-played, dirty silver-specials. I almost thought I had received a used pair...
    Basically these look, smell, feel and sound like a set of strings you have used daily for 3 months during the summer.
    The sound is dull and the feel is tacky/sticky. They have a strange response and aren't kind to the fingernails.
    My guitar doesn't like these at all - neither do I.
  • By: Emile van Daal
    The polishing makes these basses sticky and a little rusted/corosed.* These basses look like they have been played for a long time. I don't like these at all. Not worth the high price.
    { *SBM Note - SBM and the manufacturer are aware that the polishing process does change the look of a new string to appear "used" and initially "sticky" }