Hannabach Silver 200 9008 MLT Classical Guitar Strings, Treble Set
  • By: marc dobriner
    On my 1971 Ramirez 1a there is a wide choice of strings that will really sound good . That being said , I really like these trebles which are resonant and not "dry " or shrill in any way . Sonorous with a bounce to the touch which I prefer to strings with more tension . A lovely set of trebles .
  • By: Sheldon Imperio
    If you're looking for trebles that are warm and round while still have acceptable volume/projection, then these would be for you. I chose these strings because I wanted my guitar to sound nice and warm. Upon trying the strings however, they lost a certain quality of brightness that I loved in other brighter strings, so I simply couldn't keep them on long especially since my guitar has a more dominant bass response with a weak treble response. Even though some brighter strings may sound a bit metallic at times, I would still be willing to bear with it in order to enjoy a sweeter, brighter, and louder string.
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