Hannabach Silver 200 MHT Classical Guitar Strings, Bass Set


By: Laurence Mardon Date Added: 07/02/2015
Wonderful bass set ... I've paired them with the Knobloch MHT carbon trebles (a beautiful string) & they give a beautiful, warm tone with wonderful clarity & sustain. I've been searching for another bass string since Aquila discontinued their great Alchemia sterling silver basses: I think that there's something very special about pure silver strings ... I've tried the LaBella sterlings (hollow & uninspiring), the Pyriamid (okay, but nothing to write home to Mother about). The Knobloch sterling silvers are absolutely spectacular .... but they're $ 55!!! They're worth every penny, tho. These Hannabachs pair better with the Knobloch trebles, tho ... the Knobloch basses are so powerful that they overpower the trebles (maybe because I've only tried the High Tension Knobloch basses ... would the MHT pair better?). These Hannabachs are a great, great string.