Hannabach Silver Special 815HT Classical Guitar Strings Full Set
  • By: Ian Hodges
    These are the best strings that I have used on my 1993 Paulino Bernabe Imperial guitar (spruce top, Brazilian back and sides). I have tried at least a dozen different sets on this guitar (including some VERY expensive brands from Europe), but keep coming back to the Hannabach Silver Special. A very warm and powerful sound, nicely balanced. Yes, the D string seems to break earlier than on some other brands (hence the 4/5 rating), but if you change strings regularly this is not an issue. Of course, every guitar and every player is different, but if your guitar requires a solid tension to drive the top (D'Addario hard tension are too light to bring out the best in this guitar, and the basses are too bright), and you want a powerful sound, check these strings out. A bonus is that they are not outrageously expensive.
  • By: Russell Shead
    I agree with the other review that questioned the durability of these strings, due to the D string breaking. Overall, I really like the feel and tone of these strings, but they do not last as long as some others, usually with the D string being the first to go.
  • By: Alan Emerson
    I am trying out different sets of strings on my guitar and just put these on about two weeks ago. I liked the sound immediately. The balance across the strings was very good. I was having issuses with fret buzz in the lower positions on the D string primarily, and since these basses are quite a bit stiffer than the Saverez Corums I had on previously, the buzzing was reduced, although not entirely eliminated. The basses had warmth and punch, and the trebles were clear and round sounding. However, after only two weeks, the D string broke on me up around the 3-4 fret. I have never had this happen to me before on a classical guitar while I was playing it. So, even though I liked the sound, I really think that the durability is questionable for this set. Probably won't be taking a chance on them again.
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