Hannabach Silver Special 815LT Classical Guitar Strings, Full Set
  • By: John Rementeria
    I disagree with Spyros. I find these to be the best sounding strings on my Jose Ramirez 1A Classical guitars, both spruce and cedar tops. I've tried many different nylon strings over the past 40 years. I'm sold on these.
  • By: Hayes Masucci
    Excellent strings. I'm playing them on a spruce top - wonderful sound very rich and clear.
  • By: Glenn Patterson
    I decided to experiment and try something different than my normal J45 which I have used forever. Wow! These were great. The D string had bad intonation at first, but after I turned it around and reinstalled it, it was fine. I knew this string had a reputation for inconsistent D strings. The trebles on these have a very refined sound and the bases have plenty of punch. I can't lower the ranking for the D string, because many fine strings have some inconsistency. Most serious players just buy a bunch of sets and spare singles anyway, so an occasional bad string is no issue.
  • By: Spyros Gounaropoulos
    Very dull strings for my blanca! I had read some reviews about these strings which were very ambitious. When i put them on my guitar i dissapointed. D' Addario J45 are much better than these. And they have double price than D' Addario. Basses dead, so the trebles. Avoid them!