Hannabach Silver Special 815MT Classical Guitar Strings Full Set


By: Alan Emerson Date Added: 07/21/2015
I have been trying out many different sets of strings for the past few months now, and these are without a doubt, my favorite set thus far. The evenness of the sound is exceptional. The basses are very stiff, which I like. I find that a stiffer bass leads to more focused tone and not as much slop in vibration, minimizing buzzing issues. One thing I noticed which was mentioned in another review, is that the G string does sound dull for a few days after restringing. If you give it about a week of stretching in, it begins to really fill out and gain proper tone. The other treble strings do not have this issue. It has also been my experience that the longevity of this particular set is excellent. And, unlike other strings, the tone seems to get better the longer they are on the guitar, if played regularly. Of course, there does come a point where the tone drops off, but they do hold up really well. These are a bit expensive compared to the other standard fare out there, but they are totally worth it.
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