Hannabach Titanyl 950MHT Classical Guitar Strings, Full Set
  • By: Alan Emerson
    I'm very unimpressed by these strings. I put them on my best guitar, a custom made Kenny Hill, cedar/Brazilian, and I ended up taking them off after 3 weeks. I couldn't even play the guitar for 5 minutes without putting it back in the case out of frustration. The most glaring flaw was the g string which had terrible intonation. I would tune the string in the open position, then on the 12th fret harmonic, but the fretted 12th fret was 10-15cents sharp! I though maybe they just need to settle in, so I gave it three weeks - no change. Unplayable. In general, the trebles sounded lifeless and the basses were similarly lame. I'm all flummoxed and whatnot after seeing the glowing reviews here for these strings...I just don't see anything to indicate how they could be considered to be that great. And, considering the price - I've played sets which are under $10 which blow this set out of the water.
  • By: Frankie Kish
    I have played classical guitar for 30+ years. When I first put these on my guitar I was not impressed. I thought the sound was very "thin" as it often is the case when low quality strings are used and came to the conclusion that I paid for a fancy name. After letting them settle in and after the stretching stopped the strings began to show the quality that is claimed. I found the chord voicings were clear throughout all registers, tremolo was easily controlled and volume and balance was quite acceptable. These were placed on a concert grade Ramirez. Now every guitar has a preference for what it likes but I know that placing low quality strings to save a few bucks on a good instrument will only leave you frustrated. Good strings on an average instrument will make a world of difference. I recommend these strings.
  • By: (2878) Jesús Alberto Portilla
    Good sound ... sound very flamenco ... beautiful color high strings but very expensive ....
  • By: Alan Hahn
    The 5 stars are for the trebles. I haven't tried a full set of the Titanyl, but I'm about to.

    This company continues to impress and I've tried strings from all the big makers, D'Addario, Dogal, Aranjuez, Savarez, Augustine and I thought the Hannabach Goldins were the best sounding strings for my guitar, but the Titanyl trebles are even better. Really soft under the fingers, less tension, and not as sharp sounding as the Goldins. Very, very sweet sounding and yet much more volume than a typical nylon string. So... although I love the Goldin basses, I must experiment more with this company and try these basses. Hannabach strings seem to be a classic case of "you get what you pay for". Heck, I might just try every string they make.
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