Hannabach Titanyl 950MHT Classical Guitar Strings, Full Set


By: Frankie Kish Date Added: 03/07/2015
I have played classical guitar for 30+ years. When I first put these on my guitar I was not impressed. I thought the sound was very "thin" as it often is the case when low quality strings are used and came to the conclusion that I paid for a fancy name. After letting them settle in and after the stretching stopped the strings began to show the quality that is claimed. I found the chord voicings were clear throughout all registers, tremolo was easily controlled and volume and balance was quite acceptable. These were placed on a concert grade Ramirez. Now every guitar has a preference for what it likes but I know that placing low quality strings to save a few bucks on a good instrument will only leave you frustrated. Good strings on an average instrument will make a world of difference. I recommend these strings.
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