Hense 150LT Carbon 3rd Low Tension, Full Set
[150LT G3]


By: Nancy Norwood Date Added: 06/01/2015
I just put on a set of the Hense 150 Low tension G3 carbon classical guitar strings. I have to say, I'm in love with these strings! The balance is perfect on my vintage classical guitar, where I prefer a low tension to protect the bridge. There is a tactile feel to the strings due to a coating to prevent corrosion and nicks. Although some folks might not like the feel, it gives me intricate control over the slightest movement of the strings, which allows the player to evoke those unique sounds by how you hesitate over the strings, or where you slightly drag or pull to give you the sound you're looking for. Hard to describe, but you notice it immediately as you start to play. Put another way, since the strings aren't slippery, you don't have to compensate for it. Instead, because of the "grippy" feel, you have more control over the strings and thus you can express yourself in the music so much better and easier. These strings lack the brightness I usually go for. However, the balance and feel makes up for it. They strung up nice and tuned up well. The packaging by Hense could be improved. The strings were all bare in a heap inside the package with just a few strings labeled, and those fell off as I pulled the strings out. So, it took some time to separate them. However, what I really care about in strings is the sound I can get, and in my opinion, these do not disappoint!
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