Hercules Guitar Stand With Auto Grip System and Comfort Grip
[F- GS414B+]
  • By: Darrell Cramer
    I have several of these stands around the house so that when I walk around I always have a stand ready. I have a Benedetto Deluxe Archtop and a Sadowsky Jimmy Bruno Archtop and several other high end acoustics and these stands have been perfect for me. I have seen no evidence of the grip effecting my guitar polish on any of my guitars and I treat my guitars like children. I've used these stands for several years and I plan to buy more, I still need one for the basement and family room. Great product.....Great Price.
  • By: Simon Gauvin
    I'm using this for now a month and my instrument is a verry expensive custom made professionnal classical guitar with a french polish. And I think that the hold at the neck is removing this french polish! And I am not sure that the angle of the guitar on this particular stand is good be cause the guitar is not completely horizontal on this stand... Not sure at all this is a good stand.
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