John Pearse 200L 80/20 Bronze Acoustic Guitar Strings Lt 12-53
  • By: Robert McArthur
    I have heard of John Pearse strings for a couple of decades but never tried them. I have a holy grail of a custom guitar and always was satisfied with whatever strings I used, though I have tried many on it including D'Addario, GHS, Martin and Elixir Nano. They all sounded great. But I just tried a set of John Pearse 80/20 lights given to me by a friend to try.

    Wow. It turned my guitar into a grand piano. As great as the bass tones had been they gained magic with these strings. As great as the trebles had been they are now even fatter and more bell like. An incredibly superior string from my perspective. I just ordered ten more sets from Strings By Mail.
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