John Pearse 610LM Acoustic Guitar Phosphor Bronze Silks Lt/Med 12-53
  • By: Dan Flynn
    I was struggling for years trying to find the right strings for my Martin 000 18GE. Phosper Bronze- too brassy, too many harsh overtones, 80/20s - better but still too metallic, Silk and Steel - nice bass strings but lacking tone overall. THEN I FOUND THESE AND I FREAKIN' LOVE THEM. The great thing about these strings is that they sound great for fingerpicking but also for hard strumming with a pick - something that i did not think this shorter scale guitar was capable of. So anyway get these strings if you love you're guitar but have that nagging feeling that it should be sounding better...
  • By: Neil Alleyn
    Used 'Elixir' for 8 years then a luthier suggested the 'JP silks' for a more mellow/less bright tone. Would not use any other strings on my 'Taylor' acoustic guitars.
  • By: Thomas VanderMeulen
    Had been using the OEM recommended D'addario EXP16 strings on my Wechter TO-8442 12-fret Triple-0 guitar but was uncomfortable with their squeeky feel and angular, crystalline sound. These 610LM's eliminated both issues, and provided better balance to boot! With these strings on, I sincerely believe my guitar sounds as good as any small-body Martin in the shop. they play more easily than the EXP16s, and feel somehow easier on the fingertips of both hands. Thanks John Pearse!