Kling-On Clear REMOVABLE Guitar Top Protector Evolution EV-3P-C


By: Steve Ganz Date Added: 12/15/2014
BEWARE: Do not get this product if you want to remove it from your french polished shellac top. Period. I installed it on a finish cured for more than 2 years. Lifts the finish off the wood when you try to remove the "protector".
The product does not conform the Note on the description:
"Note: It is recommended that Kling-On protectors be removed after each use, and only used on fully cured finishes at least six months old. Completely non-reactive to any guitar finish. Works with French-Polish finished guitars. Protection for this type of finish was one of the main reasons Kling-On guitar top-protectors were initially developed. "
That is very misleading in my personal experience.
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