Kling-On Guitar Stabilizer - Improved design
  • By: Will Riley
    Wrap-around back piece is a good design. Stays on and provides good grip.
    Front piece does not work on my standard finish at all - won't stick well enough to hold, even after washing in soap and water and rubbing on wool. Has frayed edges presumably to help get out the air pockets, but it just doesn't hold well enough to trust it at all. Not sure it's worth it for the price, but the new back piece is nice.
  • By: Kam Bhagia
    The maker claims it will not damage finish on sides/back. I haven't tried to remove it so I don't know if that's true. It's less of a worry for me as my two factory guitars have a pretty heavy lacquer finish anyway. That being said I really like how it makes my guitar stay put and adds needed stability for me. I'd love to get one for my second guitar if they'd ever come back in stock again.
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