La Bella 10PH High Tension Silver Classical Guitar Strings, Full Set
  • By: Matthew Masail
    Great Trebles! brighter than EJ-46 trebles and with more tonal variety - at the same time they are less strident. great musical voice and projection. They do take time to settle into their sound, at first they sound a little too round and stiff, give it 1-2 weeks. I'm still looking for the right bass string to go with them on my guitar.
  • By: Laurence Mardon
    I don't know why these strings aren't better known ... they're incredibly loud & very clear. The basses are perfectly balanced -- tonally & volume-wise -- to the trebles. They have a very immediate response, and a kind of regally grand tone ... I'm sure that they're the strings Bream used on his classic recordings of Bach's A- & E-minor lute suites -- they're distinctive enough that I think I'm right about this.
    Although I'm not using them right now, I think that they're much more interesting than LaBella's 2001 strings -- they're a premium string at a very low price.
    Their only drawback is that, for some reason, I find the basses just a tad worse for string noise than most.
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