La Bella 2001 Classical 2003MH 3rd string G medium hard tension .041
  • By: Paul Joslin
    Every g string on my new (taurus 1969)guitar sounds beautiful. But this pariticular La Balle medium hard g string is the best I have found so far. A very beautiful true sound of the guitar right in the sweet spot. Very mellow, but quite authoritative in that particular middle range. Can't vouch at this time for the B and the E in medium hard (or even medium or hard). But if you are starting out with a new guitar the whole La Bella medium set is a good place to start. Then you can start experimenting with different treble and bass sets by different manufactueres in various tensions. But this La Bella Medium Hard G string has a sound that I could build my whole guitar around. I gave it 3 stars because I like to keep an open mind, but then gave it five stas so maybe if you are looking you will read what others say about it.
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