La Bella 427 Pacesetter Elite MT Classical Guitar Strings, Full Set
  • By: Douglas Seth
    I have tried almost every brand and tension of string for classical guitar. The La Bella 427 elite are absolutely the best sounding string for a traditional classical guitar sound. These are the original nylon strings from Du Pont with better intonation. The intonation is excellent on the "new and improved trebles". Don't be afraid of the light/low tension, your guitar will most certainly be more resonant and sweeter than with higher tensions. These feel somewhere between light and medium tension. Hard tension strings "choke" the top of the guitar. Contrary to popular belief, many concert players prefer lower tension strings and don't usually use high tension. Furthermore, lighter tension strings are easier on your hands and easier for left hand slurs etc... The basses are deep and resonant while the trebles are clear and sweet. There is little string noise from the basses and the trebles feel slick which enhances your playing experience. Not to mention, these are far more inexpensive than other strings and last twice as long.
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